The Key To Teens Having A Successful Future Comes From Their Ability To Build A Strong Foundation

To Move Beyond High School Successfully Teens Must Have The Right Strategies Coaching And Motivation To Guide Them Towards Successful Choices And Opportunity

The last step before adult life becomes a reality is high school. Yet too many students graduate without having the skills required to make the most of their life … leaving them lost without a plan and without goals!

Mona Dixon knows this first hand since she was not handed easy opportunities. Up until 13 years old, Mona and her family were in a constant state of change, living on the streets and moving from one homeless shelter to another.

Despite her humble beginnings, Mona believed in turning setbacks in life into motivators to succeed and uses her personal journey to inspire others today!

Mona found a way to turn her life around by receiving over $100,000 in scholarships after she graduated from high school. Today, Mona is a motivational speaker and spokesperson for teens. She has traveled the world inspiring youth, non-profits and even celebrities.

Mona Does More Than Just Inspire … She Guides Youth and Their Families Towards Success! And Most of All She Helps Others Overcome Obstacles Even When They Seem Impossible to Beat!

Whether teens are going straight into college, heading into the workforce, preparing to serve their country in the military, learning a new trade, or starting their own business they must be prepared. They need guidance and the critical skills required to become successful. And they also need the motivation to do more and to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Mona Dixon’s Teen Programs Help With

  • Step-by-Step Guidance and Support to Become Eligible for Hundreds of Scholarships That Are Available Today.
  • Discovering Passion and the Confidence to Fulfill Any Dream.
  • Plans for Future Goals and the Preparation to Execute.
  • Landing a Job or Career of Choice to Generate Income.
  • Making Positive Financial Decisions to Prepare for Life.
  • Networking to Create Endless Opportunities Based Upon Personal Interests.
  • Becoming Great, Successful, Confident and Happy with Any Journey They Choose to Take!

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